CME Coalition Releases Industry Code of Conduct

CME Providers and Supporters Agree to Voluntary Code of Behavior to Demonstrate their Commitment to Best Practices, Scientific Rigor and Improved Patient Outcomes

Today, the CME Coalition announced the adoption of the CME Code of Conduct, a ten-point list designed to bring clarity to the rules governing continuing medical education. By formally and publicly agreeing to these basic principals, the members of the CME Coalition intend to demonstrate their support for transparency, adherence to established guidelines regarding "conflicts of interest," and scientific rigor as the basis for its curricula.

Also embedded in the Code is the call for CME to further "the appropriate advancement and adoption of innovative technologies, treatments and procedures through state-of-the-art educational programming" as well as a commitment on the part of CME providers and supporters "to educating the public as to the vital role of continuing medical education to our health care system."

Chris Lamond, Executive Director of the CME Coalition stated, "With this Code of Conduct, both practitioners and supporters of CME are affirming the vital role that industry-supported CME plays in our health care system, while unequivocally stating their adherence to the sensible rules and regulations that exist to eliminate inappropriate bias."

The Code of Conduct can be found at the CME Coalition Website under the "Resources" tag at

Chris Lamond
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